Hosted Gitea

Simple private Gitea hosting
for you and your people.

Official sponsor of the Gitea open source project.

Hosting Gitea instances since 2019.

We deploy & manage Gitea for you.

Gitea is probably the best private alternative to GitHub and Gitlab there is.

Only one problem. Running your own server is a PITA. You know how it goes. Wrangling config files, broken SSL certs, bad database permissions, and worrying about upgrades and backups. Not fun.

This is where we come in. We deploy a fully provisioned Gitea server and manage it for you.

We take care of updates, security, backups, OS upgrades, and monitoring so you can focus on writing code.

Do we charge an exorbitant hourly rate for deploying and maintaining your Gitea server?

No, just $24 per month for a fully managed Gitea server.

About Gitea.

Gitea is an open source git repo hosting solution like GitHub or Gitlab, written in Go. Want to know more? Check out their excellent documentation. There is also a demo you can try out to see how you like it.

Gitea has a strong feature set for individuals and for teams, including unlimited organisations, users, and repositories, and a great migration tool built in, for cloning your repos from GitHub.

Got questions? Check out the FAQ or shoot us an email.


$24 / month

  • Fully provisioned Gitea.
  • OS & Gitea upgrades.
  • Custom domain.
  • Git LFS support.
  • Gitea actions support.‡
  • Instance monitoring.
  • Security updates.
  • Admin privileges.
  • Unlimited organizations.*
  • Unlimited repositories.*
  • Unlimited users.*
  • Weekly backups.*
  • 25 GB storage.
  • 1 vCPU.
  • 1 GB memory (ex. swap).
  • 1 TB traffic.

Get your Gitea server

* "Unlimited" means as many repos and users as the selected VPS can sensibly handle. In practice this is more than you will need which is why we use the word "unlimited". But we don't literally mean unlimited obviously, as nothing in the known universe is unlimited. If you need a beefier server please get in touch and we can provision one for you. Backups are taken weekly and kept for four weeks each. OS security updates are automatically applied.

‡ Gitea Actions are enabled by default. BYO actions runner.

Ok let's do this.

To get your Gitea server enter your info.

We'll deploy the server and send you the details. Then you can log in and get started. You'll get access to both the Gitea server and also an admin panel where you can manage your subscription and service. From the admin panel you can also set up a custom domain and request other customizations such as storage expansion, access to templates, more powerful server, etc.

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