Gitea LFS Support

Gitea is a self-hosted Git server that provides an intuitive web interface for managing Git repositories. It is an open-source platform that provides an alternative to proprietary Git hosting services like GitHub or GitLab. Gitea also offers Git Large File Storage (LFS) support, which allows users to store large files outside of the Git repository, making it easier to work with large files in Git.

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To use Gitea's built-in LFS support, you need to update the app.ini file. In the [server] section of the app.ini file, set the LFS_START_SERVER value to true to enable Git LFS support. In the [lfs] section, specify the PATH where your LFS files reside.

Gitea also provides storage configuration options for LFS data. You can choose to store LFS data on the local disk or in an S3-compatible object storage service like S3, Digital Ocean Spaces, or Minio. When STORAGE_TYPE is set to local, the PATH option specifies where to store LFS files. You'll need to make sure you have sufficient disk space for the LFS files. Which ever S3 compatible storage you use, you must provide the S3 endpoint, access key ID, secret access key, bucket, and location. The MINIO_BASE_PATH option specifies the base path on the bucket where LFS files are stored.

Gitea's LFS support allows you to manage large files efficiently, but hosting your own Git server may not be the best option for everyone. If you don't have the expertise or resources to maintain your own server, you can consider using a hosted Git server like Hosted Gitea.

Hosted Gitea is a service that provides Git hosting with LFS support as a service. It offers a user-friendly web interface, automatic backups, updates, and a fully managed hosted experience. With Hosted Gitea, you don't need to worry about maintaining your own server, and you can focus on your development work instead.

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