The Best GitHub Alternative

Gitea is the perfect alternative to GitHub. You can get it hassle free with Hosted Gitea.

The Best GitHub Alternative is Hosted Gitea

There is a reason GitHub is so popular. It has all the features we developers know and love. You can nearly always rely on finding an open source project on GitHub. The only problem is it's proprietary and closed source. A big corporation owns and has access to all your data and code. This doesn't sit right with some people.

The main difference

That's why we think Gitea is the best alternative. The main difference from GitHub is that Gitea is open source and self-hosted. With regards to actual features, they are largely similar. Both have collaborative features like bug tracking, wikis and code review. Gitea has a GitHub like interface, but it's free and open source.

So there's no better alternative to GitHub than Gitea really. It's fast, lightweight, and feature complete.

If you want the privacy and freedom of Gitea with the features of GitHub then Hosted Gitea is designed for you.

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